About Us & Our GSPs

Ashley Waitai – Dye

Ashley Waitai-Dye runs Broadbents GSP’s based in Kaitaia She has full signing authority.

My name is Ashley (Hine) Waitai-Dye, born and bred in the Far North, I whakapapa to Ngati Kuri, Te Rarawa, Nga Puhi and Tainui. From a young age I have been an avid hunter with pigs, ducks and deer being my main target species. I love immersing myself in the outdoors and love being off the grid.

A massive part of my hunting and outdoor activities has always been dogs. I’m very passionate about German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) their nature, their personality, drive, persistence, allegiance and love.

Spirits Bay headland Ashley 510

It’s awesome to see owners getting the most out of their dog/bitch and I’m readily contactable no matter what it is. I am more than happy and willing to help with dog training, issues, tips and tricks.

I work full time as a Tāmoko artist at my studio in Kaitaia. Te Ao Maori is a huge part of my life. In my other spare time I’m also learning the craft of traditional waka building.

I am thoroughly looking forward to meeting everyone along this journey of GSP breeding.

Nga mihi

Ashley Dye-White contact details
email ashleydye.gsp@gmail.com
or  hinetamoko@gmail.com

Jim Broadbent

Born in Te Kuiti the King Country 18/09/54 on a sheep and beef farm at Rangitoto. He had a wonderful childhood, grew up schooling at the local primary school where there were only 23 children.

Jim spent his childhood helping his father with the farm, shepherding, hunting, shooting and playing in the bush, swamps, and streams. He had his first horse when he was 5 1/2 and his first dog when he was 8.

My first GSP came from Geoff Sutherland at 15. Fell in love when we shifted to the far north Kerikeri with all the hunting, fishing and subtropical lifestyle.

Predominantly shot upland game, mainly with a single barrel full choke shotgun throughout the Far North. There are no deer in the far north so he did  very little deer stalking.

Jim’s passion for GSP’s has been immense, and he believes his observations have been of immense assistance to the popularity of this breed and their ongoing success in New Zealand.

The hunting genetics are second to none.

Jim says he has not seen a bad GSP yet but has seen a lot of bad owners over the years. Training is essential and a must. So number one is keep calm, keep control and get a stop on the dog as soon as possible.

We can help you with this and please email us if you would like a training book. I am very fortunate in being able to hand the entire Broadbents Kennels to Ashley.