We are here to help. We will help with breeding, training and general healthcare. We are members of the Auckland GSP Club, NZ Kennel Club.

We do not support backyard breeding but will help anybody with any advice if their dog is registered

The most important thing to remember is that YOU ARE THE PACK LEADER – MAKE SURE YOU DOMINATE AND TAKE CONTROL – and the rest of the family in the pecking order, the dog is down the line in the pecking order.

Make sure this is reinforced.  And keep calm, keep control and get a stop on the dog as soon as possible.

Please feel free to email us and request one of Geoff Sutherlands training books.

German shorthaired pointers are very intelligent dogs and are very easily trained.

There are certain basic training commands all puppies should learn, even before “kindergarten” obedience classes can start. Pointer puppies need to be potty trained, crate trained and leash trained.

German shorthaired pointers learn best with positive behavior rewards and need no force or coercion based on fear or intimidation.

One issue you will want to get right as a trainer is how to leash train your puppy. German shorthaired pointers grow up to be big, strong dogs, and they can be hard to handle on a leash if they have not been properly trained when they are puppies.

GSPs need a purpose, and without one they can be destructive. The breed can be extremely challenging from six months to three years old.

GSPs have a very high energy level and a strong prey drive, and they need an owner with an active lifestyle to guide the dog’s exuberance and intensity into positive outlets.

The GSP does best with plenty of exercise and things to do, such as running, swimming, and dog sports—in fact, anything that will burn some of their boundless energy while spending time outdoors.

When training, their routine should ideally include ample physical activity twice a day. This might be in the form of brisk, half-hour walks morning and evening or running and playing in a securely fenced area.

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