Pre-order Form for Pups

German shorthaired pointers will hunt all forms of game and feather from quail to deer and pigs as well as any detection work – just as we adapt our technique to the different game we hunt, so will the German Shorthair.

This year the pups Broadbents are breeding should be the best I’ve produced so far. They are the third, fourth and fifth generation of a breeding selection in conjunction with my progeny testing program as well as repeat mating’s of previous top liners.

My policy of continual importation of fresh blood from various parts of the world, so necessary to revitalise the strains that had existed here for many years, has enabled me to establish a variety of strains suitable to all New Zealand hunting conditions. Natural strength of the various strains can now be selected for the individual needs of every hunter.

Over 4 decades of breeding shorthairs has taught me that the correct blending of the various strains is important. As a breeder I aim to provide hunters and shooters with the type of pup and benefits of purchase I would want for myself.

Over the years, by the gradual innovation of a series of ideas, each buyer receives with the pup the following benefits.

  • Vaccinations are started and are NZKC litter registered.
  • Each pup undergoes a series of tests I have devised to determine natural hunting ability
  • A further series of tests follows to determine natural perseverance, retrieving, readiness to enter water and cover, boldness or caution and response to commands
  • All pups are introduced to water and cover. They will be responding to the ‘come to call’ whistle (3 short sharp blasts) and will have done some natural retrieving
  • A training booklet by Geoff Sutherland written specifically for hunting with German Shorthair Pointers under NZ conditions is provided to each buyer
  • A guarantee is provided on natural hunting ability and conformation. The price is from $1000 (ex Kerikeri) depending on what dogs were used
  • NZKC litter registration, a 5 generation pedigree, initial handling instructions and a suggested diet sheet is provided.

Pups are dispatched between 6.5 and 8.5 weeks of age. From a 20 year study I have proved that transition from the litter to the new owner at this age is best for the pup’s future development. All pups are microchipped. All vets have a scanner; the chip is inserted between the shoulder blades and is readable throughout the dog’s life.

To enquire about a Pup please complete the pre-order form below.

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Broadbents GSP’s Guarantee



We guarantee your dog to function as is expected of his/her breed -that is to hunt, point, retrieve and swim. Should the dog not do this the owner will have the option, on return of the dog, of a full refund of purchase price or the dog replaced.

If the dog is not retrieving by 9 months or pointing by 18 months the owner must advise the breeder promptly.

Conditions to the above guaranty of any dogs being returned for perusal of hunting or retrieving ability are:

  • If I can show by correcting a deficiency that the fault lay in the handling of the owner then I shall be entitled to charge a nominal cost for kennelling and training
  • I will not accept any dog over 6 months of age that does not readily respond to the ‘come to call’ whistle at distances up to 60m
  • I will not accept any dog over 18 months of age that does not readily ‘drop’ at distances up to 50m (instructions for both are given in my training booklet).

We guarantee the conformation of for breeding purposes. If the bitch/dog at maturity had any hereditary complaint that would exclude it from being considered as a reasonable brood bitch or stud dog we will EITHER replace the dog OR refund 30% of the original purchase price. we will require a veterinary certificate to verify the complaint. The owner will be required to declare that they will not breed pedigree dogs by or from the animal that they claimed upon.


We guarantee for 5 years from date of birth against death by illness (excludes gunshot wounds & poisoning).

To qualify for the guarantee the owner must provide a copy of the dogs death certificate as issued by a registered veterinarian plus a copy of the certificate of vaccination for distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus (NB death caused by parvovirus, guarantee is only valid if certificate shows booster given within 12 months preceding incident).

The dog must be identified by the veterinarian on all certificates.

This pro-rata guarantee will mean that we will provide another pup of equal breeding within 12 months of the owner sending me the above detail relating to their bitch/dogs death.

The cost to the owner for the replacement will be determined by diving the age of the dog/bitch in months by 60 (5 years) and dividing the resultant figure into the current years price of a pup of equal breeding to the dog for which they are claiming.